Over and above freely available advice, training and tools, the CRC is building capacity such that FHS clinical researchers may buy certain services rather than employ their own staff to take on these roles. These include:

  • Clinical conduct (research nurses, research medical officers / investigators)
  • Project management (essential document management, study coordination)
  • Data management (database design, data entry, validation)
  • Pharmacy (investigational product accountability, dispensing)
  • Biostatistical analysis (currently not bioinformatics)
  • Regulatory support (ethics, MCC, provincial approvals)

Alternatively, the CRC will work with you to find experienced, qualified people to employ within your team. CRC staff will only be available to studies that abide by GCP guidelines. Please contact us if you would like to procure any of these services from the CRC.


UCT FHS is developing core facilities available for hire for clinical researchers to conduct their studies. These may particularly be suitable for emerging and small groups who conduct studies occasionally and therefore do not want to or cannot afford to build their own infrastructure.

The CRC has the following facilities at Groote Schuur:

  • Ward and outpatient clinic area
  • Sample processing laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Cardiac monitoring facilities
  • Meeting and board rooms

Please contact us if you would like to make use of these research facilities.