Interested in being the Principal Investigator for Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials?

18 Jul 2017 - 13:30

If you are interested in being an investigator on industry-sponsored trials please forward the following information to Brenda Wright:

Full Name  
Division/Therapeutic Area  
Contact number (s)  
Email Address  
Need full CRC clinical team (y/n)  
Need to use CRC facilities (y/n)  
Tell us a bit about your research experience?  

Your information will be saved at the CRC and should a trial within your speciality/therapeutic area be proposed to the CRC, you will be contacted regarding your interest. The MCC requires a potential PI to have done at least 2 clinical trials in the past 3 years to qualify as PI.  If you do not qualify, we will ask one of UCT’s experienced PI’s to stand in as PI with you as lead investigator until you qualify. This way we build capacity. You will need to complete a GCP (Good Clinical Practice) course and do a refresher course every 3 years.

The UCT Clinical Research Centre (CRC) is an Approved Clinical Research Site with Synexus!

What this means:

All trials done with Synexus at UCT, must be done with the CRC team in the J51 ward (Old Main Building, GSH).

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