Handy downloadable templates

Template: Protocol (with IMP)

Template: Protocol (no IMP)

Template: Data Management Plan

Template: Pharmacy Manual

Template: Trial Master File


CRC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP 01 - SOP Management

SOP 02 - Evacuation from CRW in event of medical emergency

SOP 03 - General evacuation of the CRW

SOP 04 - General preparation for the conduct of trials

SOP 05 - Post-exposure prophylaxis

SOP 06 - Safety managing and reporting

SOP 07 - Informed consent

SOP 08 - Data recording

SOP 09 - Blood sampling, processing and transport


Research Office

C1 form pack

Fact Sheet: Sponsorship

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

See our Ethics page


Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

See our GCP page


Good Pharmacy Practice

See our Investigational Products page


Western Cape Provincial DoH

See our Regulatory pages

National Regulator: MCC

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